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COVID 19 Precautions

At Laconia Refrigeration the safety of our clients and our employees is a top priority every day. While health and safety standards and procedures are followed on a daily basis, at Laconia Refrigeration, we wanted to make you are aware of the extra precautions we are taking. It is imperative to us to ensure everyone stays healthy during this time of heightened concern:


☑️ We are closely monitoring daily updates and recommendations from the CDC.
☑️ We are increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our office and warehouse.
☑️ We are making a concerted effort to emphasize to our entire staff the importance of thorough hand washing. This means fronts, backs, wrists, and between fingers for at least twenty seconds with hot water at each washing.
☑️ Team members have also been instructed not to come to work if they experience fever or other flu-like symptoms.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. Know that if you need our services, we’re here for you. For regular maintenance or emergency service, we are willing and able to make that service call using these meticulous protocols. And rest assured, when we interact, every precaution has been taken to ensure the protection of your family’s health and safety and comfort.


Steve and Kara Olson

Venting & Ductwork


Maintenance, Repair, or Installation

Proper installation means that the ductwork delivers the right amount of air to each room while also meeting the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are losing heat, it’s possible that you have air leakage in your duct system. We can make sure that all your ductwork is properly sealed at all joints and seams and entry spots to heated locations.

Custom Design

We have the ability to design and fabricate custom-made ductwork right in our shop. This ensures the best possible performance from your heating and air conditioning equipment.

If you need it, we can build it…

Air conditioning and heating systems need adequate ventilation to work properly. Some installations require properly-insulated lines to ensure maximum efficiency. Our commercial HVAC team is here to help!

Exhaust fans/vents often pull out the cool air in an air-conditioned room when make-up air is not supplied properly. Ductwork is composed of two parts: supply and return. The supply duct is attached to the outflow of the new system, delivering air to each zone in an office. The amount of air reaching each zone is determined by the size of supply ductwork connecting it to your system. We will help you determine the correct size of all the supply ductwork. The second part of the ductwork, the return duct, attaches to the inlet of the new system and draws air out of the spaces to be heated or cooled. Attached to the return duct is the filter. The filter should be placed as near to the furnace or air handler as possible. Ductwork must be properly sized in order to evenly distribute the proper amount of air to each room.

One of the most important parts of proper installation is ensuring that the ductwork can deliver adequate airflow to maintain comfort, and also meet manufacturers’ specifications.

Air leakage from ducts can be one of the largest sources of heat loss. Ducts need to be sealed where sections are joined, along the seams in individual duct sections, and where the duct penetrates from unheated to heated locations.

We have the ability to design and fabricate ductwork in our shop. This ensures the best possible performance from the heating and A/C equipment you have chosen.


  • Ansul Fire & Suppression Installations
  • Exhaust System Installations
  • Exhaust Fans Service & Repair
  • Heated and Non-Heated Make-Up Air System
  • Cooking/Grease Hood Installations
  • Cooking Hoods Preventative Maintenance and Duct Cleaning
  • Controls & Wiring

Call Laconia Refrigeration/New England Mechanical at (833) 669-2937 to get started with our commercial Venting & Ductwork services!

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